Innovate Today to Build a Better Tomorrow
Complex Problem Solving Through Creativity Coaching, Guided Critical Thinking, and Cognitive Flexibility Training
Meet Perry The Inventor®
Perry The Inventor® is an award-winning Inventor, Product Designer, and Creativity Coach.
He is the Founder and CEO of Gizmo Enterprises and PerryTeriToys, currently holds over 50 U.S. and foreign patents, and is the author of the World's Best Selling Time Blocking Planner.
Find him as the Winner of Good Morning America's Shark Tank Your Life® or on ABC's The Toy Box®. 
What is a Creativity Coach?
Perry The Inventor® has a unique ability to help others ideate, design, and prototype products of the future. 
Whether you're an engineer, a business leader, or a marketer, his tested practices inspire creativity, critical thinking, complex problem solving, and cognitive flexibility.
Looking for your next Keynote Speaker, Corporate Trainer, or Creativity Coach?
Hire Perry.
Keynote Speaking

Perry is a professional Keynote Speaker. His most famous keynotes include:


  • The Secrets to Creativity and Complex Problem Solving: Think big in 10 easy steps
  • InNOWvation: You don't have to time travel to build a better tomorrow, today
  • Inventing Profits: An inspirational story about creativity, product-design, and businesses
  • Creativity Workshops: A Master-Class in product management and innovation
Creativity Workshops
AutoDesk University may be over but your drive for creativity and passion to build products of the future doesn't have to be.  
We offer half-day, 1-day, and 3-day Creativity Workshops to inspire creativity, critical thinking, cognitive flexibility, and complex problem solving.

Half-Day Seminar


This program offers guided brainstorming and cognitive flexibility sessions to help you solve complex business problems.


You'll walk away with a big idea. 

1 Day Seminar


This program offers facilitated brainstorming, guided cognitive flexibility, and a master-class in prototyping.


You'll walk away with a big idea and a prototyping strategy.

3 Day Seminar


This program includes guided brainstorming sessions, facilitated cognitive flexibility, a master-class in prototyping, and strategic product roadmapping.


You'll walk away with a big idea, a prototyping strategy, and a product roadmap.

As Seen On


Perry The Inventor's

Time Blocking Planner

Perry's tried and true time blocking methodology allows him to find time to idea, prototype, sell, and help others do the same.


Purchase his book on Amazon today. 

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